Liquify Walls - made for AMOLED (Pro)


Liquify Walls - made for AMOLED (Pro) Description

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NOTE: Wallpapers may appear in the best quality when you download them to your device, then apply it. Designed from the beginning with AMOLED screens in mind; each wallpaper is hand crafted and originally made to look incredible on AMOLED devices such as the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices (among many others). They can be used on other devices too, but just look better on AMOLED screens. Every wallpaper in this app is made specially by myself; you will not find any walls like these anywhere else! FEATURES • Wallpaper downloading (PRO only) • No ads! (PRO only) • Exclusive categories (PRO only) • Special 18:5:9 aspect ratio walls made for Galaxy phones (PRO only) • 220+ Beautifully crafted wallpapers (and continually growing!) • Fully material designed dashboard app with dark theme • ‎Server side updates - new wallpapers will be automatically added without you having to update the app in the Play Store • License Checker • Muzei Support • Cloud Based Wallpapers • Wallpaper categories • Mark wallpapers as favourites • Preview wallpapers • Apply wallpaper: inbuilt wallpaper crop CREDITS Dani Marhardhika for the awesome Wallpaper Board dashboard.

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