A Cal From the Grinсһ

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A Cal From the Grinсһ Description

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Call Grinсһ is back for Christmas bigger and better than ever! As well as the calls to Elf that know and love, there are 10 new conversations to have with Santa. Covering topics including homework, brushing your teeth and going to bed on time, Call Elf is the ultimate tool to encourage good behaviour in the lead up to Christmas. Call from frosty Тhе snowman Call from frosty Тhе snowman is an app, which is meant for providing entertainment. It will surely be enjoyable, if you show others that you get calls from a VIP. The prank call app is used to fool others in the upcoming Christmas season, and can be used to fool your friends, by showing, you are getting calls from the famous frosty Тhе snowman. Have fun with the friends, with the great new app. Answer incoming video calls from Santa and have a video chat with him - including video call From frosty Тhе snowman and show to your friends, he will be very surprised! - video call From frosty Тhе snowman , Real Call From Grinсһ on the Grinсһ , Real Video Call From Elf on the Shelf , Elf fake call app, fake santa call online, fake santa call number, fake video call from santa, Real voice of frosty Тhе snowman . Features: ✥ Video Call From frosty Тhе snowman : You can easily make video calls to Santa by clicking on the video button. Wait a few seconds and frosty Тhе snowman will receive your video call, Santa talking to you. Make unlimited free calls, no costs from frosty Тhе snowman at north pole ✥ Open frosty Тhе snowman Video Live Call app ✥ Select time interval to get call - normally a few minutes and up to a few hours. ✥ Turn device screen off and hand it to the person / kids getting the call. ✥ now just wait for that amazing smile on your kids face when Grinсһ calls your cell phone. Call made by frosty Тhе snowman Prank App’s devised just fir providing entertainment. Are you going to like it if your pals believe you are getting a call from a VIP? The Forged call from Santa’s an entertaining App that’s been made for fooling about with pals call from Santa where it would appear to them that you rudolph the red nosed call are getting a call from Santa. Make a fool of your pals using this amusing app This app has several features that are It’s updated on a weekly basis the graphics are very clear Characterized by an interface that’s user friendly It’s totally free of cost You are able to make a fool of your pals by making it look as though you’re having talk with Santa It has no need for any internet connection Zâkârîâ Send texts to your kids anytime! On Christmas Eve, call Santa he will see if they are ready for Christmas (and ready for bed!) Grinch will check in with your kids to let them know what he is doing Do your kids want to know how the reindeer are? Let them ask Santa! Grinch will tell them when he is ready for take off so they know when to be ready Elf will remind kids that he cannot stop unless they are asleep Kids can text (with your help) to ask Elf all kinds of questions! (Remind them that Grinch has some secrets, or he might tell them himself!) Elf will check with the kid’s on Christmas morning to make sure they like all of the toys he left them Elf will remind them to be good little boys and girls through out the new year The kids can reply to the Grinch on the Shelf to let him know they are ready If the grinch has time he might even answer their text back Elf on the Shelf ’s little elves (the parents) monitor (and create) all the texts to and from Santa. Sample messages are included, but the app lets you edit them or create your own! You can be as the grinch creative as you like! We have also included Christmas text “themes” to decorate the messages your kids get from Santa.

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Offered ByCVC30
Current Version1.0
Updated23 Nov 2017
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.0.3+